•  Portable Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Imager
The SM-3R is a portable ultrasonic flaw imager that operates on rechargeable batteries. The functions and operations of the unit are specific for railway maintenance which makes the small and compact device very easy to use.
The SM-3R supports B-mode (B-scan) display (cross-sectional display) and A-mode (A-scan) display for ultrasonic digital flaw images.
The inner state of the rail is intelligibly displayed with a B-mode cross-sectional color image enabling defect judgments to be performed easily.
The "SM" series (SM-1RA, SM-2R, and SM-3R) has been provided to many customers in Japan and East Asia with more than 500 sets supplied (End of, 2009).

Sensor 0°, 45°, 70°
Search Units 0°, 45°, 70°

/// Specifications ///

  • Search Unit (Probe)
    Three types (0°, 45°, and 70°) of probes are available as optional equipment. When a probe is selected with the probe selection key switch, the display contents also change automatically.
  • Display (In case of B-mode)
    The vertical axis indicates the depth of the source of reflection and the color of the display indicates the echo level. The horizontal axis indicates the probe shift distance (in timer scan mode, shift distance during scanning).

/// Features ///

  • Easy operation, small, and compact.
  • Internal memory for defect detection images.
    A maximum of 1,000 screens (BMP file format) of defect detection images can be stored in memory.
  • Uploading stored images to PC via USB cable connection.
  • English or Japanese selectable language display.