•  Switch profile gauge 'SPG-3
'SPG-3S' (standard gauge model)
'SPG-3N' (narrow gauge model)

The Switch Profile Gauge is a new system for automated turnout inspection and maintenance.
The system adopts the light slice method using a laser slit light source and two-dimensional CCD cameras. The system simultaneously measures the information necessary for calculating the wearing depth of rails and crossings, back gauges, flangeway widths, and track geometry. The system automates conventional manual track inspections and produces databases of measurement data which incorporates office automation technology in the maintenance and management task.

Sample display of wearing depth at tongue rail

/// Features ///

  • Light weight and user friendly operation
    This device is pushed through a turnout manually. The data collection device consists of the folding structure making it light enough for two workers to carry, assemble and mount or dismount.
  • Speedy measurement
    Measurement times are 10 to 15 minutes per turnout since the system can simultaneously measure the wearing depth of the rail and geometry of the track within the turnout.
  • Simultaneous measurement
    The four parameters (gauge, longitudinal level, alignment and cross level) pertaining to track irregularity can be measured simultaneously with respect to the siding. Image data can be displayed on the screen in order to allow visual confirmation of the wear depth of the rail.
  • High precision measurement