•  Expansion Gap Gauge 'EGG-1
'EGG-1S' (standard gauge model)
'EGG-1N' (narrow gauge model)

The Expansion Gap Gauge is the newest in traveling type image measurement systems and this system is capable of measuring and recording joint gaps while being towed by a maintenance car. The system enables the user to evaluate and study rail joint gap calculations and also enables visual inspection (abnormality detection) of image data photographed using CCD cameras further enhancing efficiency and safety of the task.


/// Specifications ///

  • Traveling speed: 25km/h or less
  • Measurement accuracy: 10% of joint gap or 1.0mm, whichever is greater
  • Resolution: 0.3mm

Softwear CRT Sample
Sample display of joint gap

/// Features ///

  • Travelling type image measurement system.
    The measurement system photographs rail joints using CCD cameras mounted on the measuring carriage. The image data is converted into personal computer format for processing and storage.
  • Onsite rechecks are not necessary.
    The stored image data and rail joint measurement list is transferred to a memory card. By inserting this memory card into a personal computer, joint gap data can be monitored at the office.
  • Batter and discrepancy checks at joints.
    Rail joints are reproduced as images for easy identification of batter and discrepancies.
  • Portable system for night and day measurement.
    The system can be transported with a truck. Since the system does not need to be transported on rails, joint gaps can be checked even in the daytime without disrupting train schedules.