•  DataDepot
The DataDepot System is a non-contact and high-speed digital identification system and consists of three items"DD Memory"(DataDepot), "DD Reader", and "DD Signal Processor".
With the System, the user can write into the DD Memory any data unique to that specific point of track and deposit it at that point.
Vehicles such as measuring car, inspection car, snow-plow, etc., can read this data as they pass over the DD Memory and utilize it for their own purpose. The DD Reader and DD Signal Processor reads and analyzes the information memorized in DD Memory and transfers it to other equipment.
The DataDepot System has already been delivered to almost Japanese railway companies with quantities of more than 60,000 DD Memory (March, 2003).

/// Features ///

  • Non-contact and high-speed digital identification system up to 350 km/h.
  • DD Memory works without batteries.
  • DD Memory is impervious to rain, dirt, grease, snow or ballast.
  • Track maintenance is minimized as regular cleaning is not required.
  • Very low electromagnetic power meets EN300330 Class 1 Transmitter limitations.


DD Memory:
DD-1 (for standard speed application)

DD Memory:
DD-3 (for high speed application)

Application on Multiple Tie Tamper
MTT's Tamping Tool Control,
which prevents damage to obstacles.

Application on Snow-plow
Snow-plow's Wing Control,
which prevents collisions with platforms,
signal-poles, bridges, and other structures.